Sunday, September 21, 2008

Two Dogs, Two Cats and a Dream Fulfilled (kind of)

My new dog Cooper (on the right). He's so fun. Actually, he's a bit naughty, but I love him. My friend told me I now have the Yin and Yang in dog form. Sad, but true :)

Daisy is the sweetest dog you'll ever meet. I don't think she has a mean bone in her body which makes it that much sadder that she was abused before we got her. She is still a bit fearful of men, but she is getting better and better, teeny tiny baby steps at a time. She is wonderful. The kids can jump over her on her around her and she barely blinks. I just love her.

And now I have Cooper. He really is fun and oh so cute. He is spunky, but he's laid back at the same time. Honestly, he lays around most of the day, but he is the dog that would steal the turkey from the table. I just know it. So, if you are up for an exciting Thanksgiving this year come on over!

But, I love my pups. I looked down the steps today and saw the two of them lying in the sun at the front door and it made my heart so happy. Truly it did.

I also have my 2 cats whom I've raised since 8 weeks old. They are now 11!! Hard to believe, and two dogs. I've never had two dogs before. It's hectic during walk time, but it's fun.

This is becoming less and less of a secret now so I may as well publish it for all to see. When I was little I wanted to be just like Snow White. She would walk through the forest and all the animals would run to her. The deer would walk with her, the birds would perch on her finger, and the bunnies, all the cute little bunnies would be there too. I used to imagine that when I was little (okay I was 15) and would go exploring in the woods across the street from our house. I would see the animals and wish they would just let me pet them! So many of them were just so cute!!

So, finally part of my dream is being fulfilled. Sure, I'm not in the forest singing a happy tune. I'm in my living room, or bedroom, or on the stairs, or in the bathroom (okay, that can be a bit much, but it's true). My point is I love being surrounded by my animals. This all struck me the day I was sitting at the top of our stairs with Elijah. We were talking and playing around and then I realized that I had two of my animals there with us too trying to join in on the fun. I LOVED IT! I had my boy, and my fun little critters! All that was missing was my girl and my man. Sadly, Dan and Madelyn have definitely set their limits with the animals. (Why don't they want them on their beds, their laps, in their faces?) To each their own.

Now, the point of this blog if for you to remind me of this when I complain. I am taking Daisy to get her anal glands expressed (is that the right word?) tomorrow. I may need a call in the afternoon for that reminder.

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