Friday, September 12, 2008


Okay, I do love politics, but I don't discuss them much. I'm the type of person that has really great arguments going around in my head, but I get too fired up over things that when I go to speak them I can't formulate the words, much less a sentence. So, it usually works best for me to direct people to where I got my info.

But today, well today is different. I just watched Matt Damon in an interview on ABC. I don't know why they were interviewing him. I'm assuming he has a movie out or something. I don't usually know what the latest movies out are. But, the clip I saw was him commenting on Sarah Palin. He's afraid of her becoming president if McCain dies. He actually said there is a 1 in 3 chance McCain won't survive his first term in office. What? I wonder where he got that info from. He also said that he does not know why being a mayor of a really small town, and gov. for less than two years qualifies her to be president. He said he just thinks it is so scary, doesn't think 8 weeks is enough time to get to know her, and he just doesn't know enough about her. Has he not heard about all that she accomplished during her terms in office? Probably not because it sounds like he is just getting his news from the MSM.

Okay, that being said, I do understand his sentiment, and I say absolutely find out about the candidates. Get to know them, what they've accomplished, are they prepared. All good questions, and the nice thing is that what people have accomplished in office is well-documented and probably you can find out a lot in just 8 weeks if you do a lot of googling. It's really amazing the info that's at our hands these days.

So, let's look at Obama for a minute (and only a minute b/c the whole Matt Damon thing gets better). Obama is running for the actual President position, not VP. Does he have more experience than Palin because if he is elected he will definitely be the president? I don't think so. As a senator you don't have executive experience. And, he's only been a senator for one term right? And, half that time has been spent campaigning. Oh, but I do know he voted for partial birth abortion about 4 times though.

Okay, but regardless who you are for, back to Matt Damon. He went on to say he needs to know if Sarah Palin actually believes that there were dinosaurs on this earth only 4,000 years ago, and if she really wanted to ban books in the library. Huh? What the #%&@ (excuse the language, yet another reason I don't often argue politics) does that have to do with her being VP? THAT is what he needs to know?? And, apparantly it is because he said he needs to know if she believes this about dinosaurs because she is going to know the nuclear codes. Wow. That's deep Matt. Thanks for bringing up dinosaurs. I am definitely going to find out what Biden and McCain believe about dinosaurs too so I can really make the right decision.

Check it out for yourself. I am not making this up. Really, I'm not. It's at the tail end of the video ...

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Jessica said...

Is he insane??? On drugs?? He sounds like some rambling idiot, trying to sound smart. What in the world. But the problem is that most people will take everything he says as true and reliable, because he is famous.