Monday, September 22, 2008

Madelyn Tolerates the Dogs

I recently posted about my love for animals and the happiness I have over having two dogs now.

I believe I mentioned in that post as well that my husband and daughter don't necessarily share that same joy.

Well, today I had to bathe my two dogs. That was an experience. Thankfully I can still do it outside since the weather is still warm enough.

The best part about all of that was when I finished bathing Cooper I looked over at Daisy, who had already been bathed, and saw much to my delight that she was digging in a hole and now have dirt/mud all over her legs, face, and belly. She couldn't be happier either. She was definitely on a roll.

So, I hosed her off again while Cooper ran as far away from me as his lead would let him. He apparantly isn't too fond of baths.

Well, back inside with two wet dogs is always a lovely thing, and my darling girl Madelyn comes walking through the room with her fingers plugging her nose saying, "One wet dog is bad enough, but smelling two wet dogs is gross!" Yes. That's my girl, making her father proud.

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