Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Sweet Girl

Madelyn started First Grade today. She is becoming such a grown up little girl. I love it and hate it at the same time.

She had gotten dressed, and eaten her breakfast when she asked where Elijah was. He was in our bed. Yes, he kicked me out last night and snuggled in with Dan. He was still sleeping when Madelyn asked me this so I told her I was going to blow dry my hair and that would probably wake him up. Well, when I get done with my hair I see her in my room kneeling down next to the bed where Elijah is. She was explaining to him that she was going to be gone all day, but would be home in the afternoon. He, with his sleepy little eyes, just said okay, but I could tell she was very concerned about leaving him so she wanted to make sure he knew where she was.
After we got Elijah dressed and ready to go Madelyn got her new school shoes on. She asked me, "Do I look taller in these shoes Mommy?" Of course I said, "Yes, I think you do. The sole of the shoe is a bit higher than your other shoes." To which she replied, "I already feel like I am 6 in these shoes!"

Love that girl.

Elijah and I walked her to her class. Well, she was pretty much running to her class. When we got there her cute little deskmate, Madison, said, "Hi Madelyn! You are right over here!" Madison, obviously an extrovert, and a perfect match for my little introverted girl. I think they may become good friends :o)

Notice the pictures. Madelyn was a goof the whole time. I had to make her just stand and smile for at least one.

... one day down (almost) of first grade ...

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Susan (Tubbs) Canady said...

*sniff* Awww! What a big girl!