Sunday, September 28, 2008

Name That Baby!

Okay, so Susan, Dan's sister is prego with her first baby! I am so excited for her and her husband. Susan has wanted to be a mother since ... oh, I don't know ... birth? When she graduated from high school I asked her what she wanted to do and she said, "Be a wife and a mother." Sadly, we have yet to find that major at any university.

Needless to say Susan is thrilled. Now, the baby needs a name. That's where I come in ;o) I LOVE naming babies. I would have a whole mess of babies just to name them.

Of course I have my own ideas of names for this baby, but I thought I would ask my children as well.

Madelyn says she should name the baby Jane. Obviously, Madelyn is hoping for a girl. I do love the name Jane and would have named Madelyn that if our last name wasn't so short. Two one syllable names just doesn't work for me. Well, I mean it does because that's how my name is now, but I didn't want to go in that direction with my kids ...

Moving on. So, today I asked Elijah what he thought Aunt Susan should name her baby and he thought ... and thought ... and thought ......................... (still thinking) .......................... and finally said, "John."

"Oh. Why do you like the name John?"

"Because it's a boy!"

He then went on to pick Judy for a girl. I'm not sure what it is with the "J" names, but when Madelyn got home I asked her what she thought for a boy name. She said, "Jonah."

So, Susan, that should give you something to start with. I'll get back to you with middle names. Of course, Kate and Daniel remain a couple of my favorites, but I'm sure in "due time" (get it ;o) WE will be able to come to an agreement on a name.


Susan (Tubbs) Canady said...

I am SO glad I have you to help me on this! What would I do without you? =)

kate said...

Susan, don't mention it. Also, don't stress over it. Really. We've got plenty of time. This is just the first batch of names. We'll have it narrowed down in no time ;o)