Thursday, September 11, 2008

Feeling Sad

This has been a tough week. We said good-bye to a dear sister in Christ, Lucille Valori. We had dinner with her and her husband, Pastor Valori, just weeks before she was diagnosed with one of the worst kinds of brain tumors. They ministered to us greatly that evening. Madelyn absolutely LOVED Lucille. Madelyn is my reserved child who takes a bit to open up to people, but Lucille had this quiet, gentle way about her that Madelyn was just drawn to. When we were pulling out of the driveway that evening to go home Madelyn asked if we could go back the next day. So sweet!

I told Lucille how much Madelyn enjoyed her and she said to bring her over any time to spend an afternoon with her. Lucille also offered to watch the kids for me any time because she knew what it was like to not have family around to rely on for childcare. I truly planned to do that, to allow Madelyn to spend an afternoon there, and to keep her in mind for babysitting. I also just wanted to get to know her better, only it was not to be. The Lord had other plans.

As I said, it was only weeks later that she was diagnosed, and it was only months later that the Lord called her home. I wish I could have known her better. The night we had dinner with them she asked me how I felt about being the wife of the Headmaster of a school. She shared her feelings and some experiences of being a Pastor's wife, and she was just so great about it. I loved her spirit and attitude about it all. She was so beautiful. She always looked so put together, and did not look her age, 74. I never would have guessed that was her age!

Her passing is just such a shock to us all, especially her husband. He told us he wakes up every morning just in shock. It all happened so quickly.

She is rejoicing with her Lord and Savior. Her race is finished. She is resting in the heavenlies. Praise God.

We also found out this week that Madelyn's beloved Kindergarten teacher, Laurie Suk, has stage 4 cancer. She was diagnosed with colon cancer that was removed, but it metastisized and is now in her lung. This is such devestating news. To see Laurie you would never know this. She looks great. She says she feels great so she hates the thought of more surgery or chemo. She also says she is prepared for what the Lord has for her. The problem is the rest of us are not! The King's Academy is such a family. You can't find a better group of people than the staff there. They are so loving and supportive, and when one of the TKA "family members" hurts so do the rest of us.

So, we will cover her with prayer and support her any way we can. We love you Laurie.

As in good times and bad we will rely on our Lord and Savior knowing that all things work together for His good. This is an imperfect, fallen world. We suffer, but we suffer with hope. We know that one day we will all rest in God's glory. Oh what a day that will be!


Jonathan Valori said...

I was pleased to read about your encounter with Lucille Valori. She is so much like what you described. She has impacted so many lives by her magnanimous personality and devotion to Christ. I say "is" because I know that she lives on in heaven with our Lord, Jesus Christ. And that one day so very soon, I will get to see her. I am her son. God bless you.

kate said...

What a pleasant surprise to see your comment Jonathan. I am so thankful I was able to meet your mother. I am sure you all miss her every day. So grateful for the hope we have in Christ to know that we will all be reunited again one day. Love and blessings to you and your family!