Saturday, January 17, 2009

Beautiful People

We had dinner last night with a family from Dan's school and the impression I am left with after meeting them is just, they are beautiful people.

I don't know how else to describe them.

Emma is from Chili and Nico is from Peru so their accents alone are just fantastic. They are just so kind-hearted, genuine, and full of life. I know I only met them this once, but they truly are great.

Nico is a business man and Emma used to nanny for wealthy/famous families like Rober DeNiro. She had some inside scoop on Mariah Carey and some other celebrities that her family members now work for. Nico is a total entrapreneur, always having new business ideas. It always amazes me to talk to people like that and hear all the different business plans they have floating around in their heads.

But, most of all, they love the Lord and you hear that in their conversation. It's refreshing.

They have two boys who are both very sweet. They both attend The King's Academy and enjoy it.

And, they can cook!! I have never eaten food like I did at their house. I think we had about 4 or 5 courses. So delicious!! They were all dishes from Peru (I think). Emma wants us to come over again so she can make us dishes from Chili.

Being with them reminded me of being in Mexico. The people in Latin America are so warm and inviting and will give you whatever you need while you are in their homes.

We got talking about Peru and they were telling us about all these really cool places there. We all agreed we just needed to take a trip there together so they could give us a personal tour of these places and see condors flying around, etc. I'll try to find links of the places to post on here. We were watching Youtube videos of the places they were telling us about. Very cool! We also checked out some of the places in Chili too. I love learning about other cultures and places.

So, good times with Nico and Emma. I just had to post about them.

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