Friday, January 23, 2009

A Follower

I was so happy to log in to my blog this morning and see that I have a follower. And, I was that much happier when I realized that she was none other than my dear friend Kerry! Dare I say, my BFF (best friend forever) Kerry.

Kerry knows more about me than I like to admit. Hence, the BFF title. When a friend knows that much you have to keep her around forever. And, honestly, I wouldn't want it any other way.

She's the best I tell ya. But, we can never see each other! It's terribly sad.

You see, we both have sickly children. So, every time we plan to get together one of our kids gets sick, and not just the sniffles kind of sick. It's the full on fever, flu, throwing up kind of sick. Or, we make plans and at the last minute something comes up and we can't do it.

That is why this weekend when I head to my mom's house (which is a tad closer to Kerry's house than here) we will not be making plans to see each other. Nope. No plans.

Kerry will not be heading to my mom's house in the morning with her boys so the children can play, she and I can hang out, and we can finally give each other the things we've been holding onto for each other. No way, no how.

I just planned to go to my mom's at the last minute last night and it came up in my daily conversation with Kerry. I was careful to not invite her to meet me there because I don't want either of our kids to get sick.

So, as sad as it is, I will "not" be seeing Kerry in the a.m. But, oh if I were, how fun it would be! It's been way too long ...