Sunday, January 11, 2009

Madelyn's Brush/Comb Keepsake Box

So, another word on the box. It came to church with us today.

I was the greeter at church today so how surprised was I to go in and join my family in the service and see that the box was there too. Only this time the box had her new markers in it.

In the car on the way home she referred to the box as her "goodie box." How appropriate! Where the stuff that used to be in it went, I have no idea.

If I ever find my camera again, I will post a picture, or maybe two. One of what the box should look like, another of what the box does look like.

Oh, and this is a big day for my little Mademoo. She lost her other top front tooth! Now she has no teeth in the middle up top, and a lisp too! So precious and cute and a little funny sounding, but so so so so so cute and precious and cute and have I mentioned how much I love that girl?


Kim said...

Meanwhile Abby was delighted when the dentist told her months ago that one of her bottom teeth was *slightly* loose. She still has it! :)

kate said...

I was surprised that there are a couple of kids in Madelyn's class that haven't lost teeth yet. Her one tooth is taking a long time to grow in, but I am hearing that it can take a while sometimes. One of her teeth on the bottom grew in before the other one came out! I am afraid of the future orthodontist bills. I want to cry just thinking about it ...