Monday, January 12, 2009

Daisy Dog Food

I am finding Daisy's food all over the place these days. She takes a mouthful of it and I think she is trying to "hide" it places, but I don't think the middle of the office floor is a great hiding place. I don't know if anyone has told her that yet.

Later in the day she was lying on the office floor and started munching on a piece of her food which was in reach of her mouth. Then she stretched even more to reach the other pieces, all while lying down.

I've also found other piles of food in our bedroom next to Dan's dresser and just now I saw a pile next to my dresser near the closet.

She has done this in the past, but it seems to be becoming more of a constant habit lately. I don't know if it's because the cats have started munching on her food more or what, but maybe now is a good time to teach her lessons on good hiding places.

Again, no picture. We cannot find our camera, nor can I find my favorite pair of gloves that keep my hands warm AND allows me to do most things (buckle kids in carseats, operate Daisy's expandable leash, pay for things, etc.) without having to take them off. My hands are cracking by the minute. I think our camera and my gloves have run off together. If you see them, please tell them to come home. We need them, all 3 of them. Thank you.

Oh, another thing. Dan and I have a niece being born in early April whose name is going to be Daisy so I now need to refer to our Daisy as Daisy Dog and niece Daisy as Baby Daisy to try to avoid confusion. I would hate for people to think that our little niece Daisy is hiding food in our bedroom and office floor.

I promise you our dog came with the name Daisy and we loved it before we knew Susan and Josh had picked the name Daisy for a girl if they ever had one. Well, who knew she would be pregnant by the end of the year with a girl! If Daisy Dog didn't know her name so well, I might consider changing it, but alas, we'll just have to deal with the confusion.

Time to vacuum and scrub my floors ... yippee.


Susan (Tubbs) Canady said...

That's so funny...I don't think Baby Daisy will mind sharing her name with Daisy Dog...I think it's cute. =)

kate said...

I'm glad you think it's cute :)