Thursday, January 1, 2009

Oh Me Oh My

Well, I certainly hope your New Year's celebration turned out better than ours. I think even if you had to get 15 needles in your arm it still would have been better. Yup, I'm sticking by that statement.

Let's see where should I begin? ... Dan throwing up right before the ball dropping, canceling plans with friends (thank goodness for their sakes), spending the early morning hours in the bathroom waiting to puke while my cat chases his tail in the bath tub, hearing Dan moan and groan from downstairs because he had such a fever and just could not stop running to the bathroom to be sick ... hmm, tough call ... or, I could mention how by 2 pm we were both dehydrated and trying to move so we called our friend and neighbor Sandy so she could leave gatorade at our front door.

Dan and I were just so sick. He was in our bedroom on the first floor and I was in Elijah's room on the second floor so throughout the day we didn't really know how the other was doing until I would venture downstairs with all the strength I had to help Elijah with something and would call into him to see how he was doing.

Finally, at 2 pm when there just wasn't anything left in me I made my way downstairs to attempt a drink of water. I found Dan on the chair in the living room so I sat/laid on the couch and we shared our battle stories before calling for help.

I have to say our children were wonderful. Madelyn just went through this herself so she could understand what we were going through. She watched tv and movies today (I think). I don't even know what she has eaten today, or Elijah for that matter. Oh, well I know Elijah had a lot of yogurt today. When he wanted to get into bed with me around 6 am I told him I was sick and so was Papa. He said, "Okay, I won't lay ON you then." The closer he is to me the better his life is in general from his perspective. He then went downstairs and helped himself to yogurt.

When he made his way back upstairs eventually he informed me that he wanted a new set up for his train tracks. I had to explain to him that I was in no condition to be building trains. He asked me a few times along with asking me if I was still sick and if he could use the computer. He loves to play on the computer.

Madelyn was very helpful and sweet today. She got Dan ice and a wash cloth while he was struggling through his fever. Later she made Elijah peanut butter and jelly. Dan told her she was like a second mom today. She smiled and said she likes helping. Man, I love that girl.

Another fun tidbit about today is while I am "hanging out" in the bathroom I hear my cat throw up twice! Blech! Then Elijah comes in and says he threw up on the kitchen floor .... NOOOOOOO, but then he trotted out of the bathroom saying he felt fine so I did wonder. When I finally made it downstairs I saw that it was just a spit spot, almost like he coughed and that is what came out. I think he just wanted to fit in.

So, without getting into more details (I mean I can if you want me to), that was our new year. Dan actually said last night after he got sick that he thought it was an appropriate ending to 2008, not one of our easiest years. Of course, we thought that about 2007. Can 2009 be worse? I hope not.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! May you experience God's truths more than ever this year.

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