Saturday, January 10, 2009


I've been on a cleaning spree this week trying to get things re-organized and find homes for things that we never seem to know where they belong. It's been very therapeutic.

So, first was the tackling the upstairs where the kids' rooms are. Elijah's room is pretty straight forward. It's just toys and they just need to go back into the closet in their respective basket, bin, whatever.

Madelyn's room is a whole other story. I never know what I will find in her room. For instance, I came across a keepsake box that holds a silver brush and comb set that is engraved with her initials. Well, what's inside? A little bag of coins, a mini-tape measure, and some other little odds and ends like little rings and bracelets. I wasn't sure what to do with it. Where was the brush anyway?

I finally got things mostly organized. There are a couple baskets in the closet that need to be sorted through, but overall her room is clean.

Last night we were straightening up her room before bed and she brings something over to show me. She was so happy about it too. Her grandparents gave her this flash card kind of game with questions, etc. for Christmas. They came in a plastic holder that fit nicely into one of her storage baskets. Well, she thought that the cards didn't need to be in the box apparently because she brought over the plastic box and it had a bunch of coins in it. Then she happily explained that when she finds another coin she can put it in the box which she is going to keep up on one of her shelves that is mounted on the wall.

I threw myself on the bed (because I'm dramatic like that) and told Madelyn I give up all responsibility of where things are in her room. She just giggled and trotted over to put it on her shelf.

Keep in mind she has two cute little piggy banks that are supposed to stay on her shelves where she now has a plastic box holding coins. Both kids just love to play with the coins. For a while Madelyn had a bunch of coins in a sock.

I love her free spirit in that anything (and everything) can be a toy, but it does drive me a little crazy only because in my mind things have a place and a purpose. If I had a Barbie house when I was little I would have it set up like a Barbie house with the furniture, etc. Very rarely is the furniture or even the Barbies in Madelyn's Barbie house. What is in there? Many times there are little plastic animals lined up on the second floor, or big stuffed animals, polly pockets, board game pieces, coins, you name it. We would joke about Barbie not knowing how to keep house.

So, I know this is only the beginning of battling rooms, but I will enjoy the cleanliness and orderliness while I can.

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