Sunday, January 4, 2009

Such a Funny Dream!

This may only be funny to those who know my dad or know the other people in my dream, but I had to post it.

I dreamed last night that my Dad was working at the church where I used to work. When Dan and I moved to MD for him to take a teaching job I worked at the church there. I liked working at the same building where Dan was, but I should have trusted my instinct and quit the church job the first week I was there. I was actually planning on doing that until they introduced me in church that Sunday as the new secretary. I felt it wouldn't be right to quit the next day so I stuck it out. Bad move. Oh well.

Anyway, in my dream it seemed I worked there again because I headed back there. The only problem was that Madelyn and I had been at the beach that morning so my hair was wet, like the slicked back kind of wet where I hadn't combed through it yet. Not only that, I was only half dressed. I hadn't put a bra on yet. My plan was to go in, put my stuff down at my desk and then head to the bathroom to finish getting myself together. I just wanted to at least get myself into work because I had been putting it off.

What happened is someone died who was associated with the church so I was going in to help with funeral preparations since it was going to be a pretty big deal for the church. Well, when I get in there with my wet hair and no bra look I find my dad sitting at a desk working there! My dad! If you don't know anything about my dad, picture a NY business man sitting at a desk working as a church secretary in an office with wood paneling ... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I was a bit surprised to say the least, and embarrassed because it was totally obvious I was blowing off work to be at the beach with my girl. And, I am really embarrassed because I am hoping they don't realize I am not wearing a bra. So, while all this is going on, what happens? Oh, a guy I know from high school walks in with his family. He had like 8 brothers and sisters who were all with him. So, of course I am glad to see him and greet them, but again I am hoping they don't notice the no bra thing.

They weren't there long so I walk them out. Well, on my way in someone stops me and tells me that the pastor asked them to ask me to put a bra on. Of course he did. They even had one for me in case I didn't have one with me. Ugh.

I got my hair brushed, finished dressing, went back downstairs and talked to my dad. I still could not believe he was working there. I didn't really know what to do because he was basically doing what I should be doing, the funeral program and the Sunday bulletin. The pastor was ready to leave for the final funeral prep and I bumped into him on the way out. He told me that my dad was doing a great job and really picking up computer programs quickly, etc. But, he added, Bill did say that he thinks sometimes he shows up to work with a little alcohol in his system. I said, "Well, that wouldn't surprise me." ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ... oh, it just makes me laugh so hard.

And, honestly, looking back I think I should have shown up to work there with a little alcohol in my system. It definitely would have made the job seem more appealing.


Susan (Tubbs) Canady said...

hahahaha! Wow. Um...yeah, wow. =)

Mrs. J said...

that is too much:)