Saturday, January 31, 2009

Horrible Dream

I had a horrible dream about Madelyn. It was awful. I sobbed throughout my dream, etc. so you can probably figure it out from here what happened. I can't even type the words of what happened.

But, you can imagine how relieved I was to see my girl this morning. I told her I had a bad dream about her. When she asked me what it was I told her she had gone away to a place where I would never see her again and I was so sad.

Her response is the reason I had to post this.

First she said, "Well, I do need to go to school on Monday." I assured her that that was okay, and that my dream had to do with NEVER seeing her again.

Then she said, "When I grow up and go to college and get married I will move out, but I will not move very far away." (She has assured me on a couple occasions that she never wants to live very far away from us. I haven't gotten it in writing, but I definitely plan to.)

Of course I assured her that that too was okay. She was just so sweet in making sure I knew she would need to go away, but she has no plans of staying away forever.

I love her and her tender heart. I need to go hug her now ...

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