Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ahhh, the silence ...

I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be around Madelyn and not have her coughing every 2 seconds. It has been weeks since we have enjoyed this silence. I forgot what it was like to not hear her coughing so much.

So, now we begin the process of getting her to catch up on her school work (not an easy task). As much as she loves school, getting her to do makeup work usually begins with a battle and then she figures out that she can just do it and get it over with, or be miserable just sitting around. She's a smart girl. It doesn't take her long to figure things out.

So, after a week that included a trip to the ER for her, more meds than I would ever want to give my child at one time, broken sleep, missed school, LOTS of tv, gatorade, and popsicles we seem to have rounded a bend in the road.

And, it feels darn good. It's like we've been to battle, but are emerging out of the trenches a little wounded, but surviving.

You don't realize how the stress gets to you. The one day I was leaving a message for the nurse and I completely forgot my phone number. I kept saying 610 ... 610 ... um, 610 ... different numbers were racing through my head. I could not remember. I felt so dumb. You don't just keep your home number posted somewhere because you usually remember it so I had no where to turn. It finally came back to me.

Yes, things got a bit stressful. It just makes me REALLY REALLY thankful for doctors and medicines and hospitals.

(big sigh of relief) God is good. He is faithful as always, even when we are not, and we give Him praise.

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