Friday, February 13, 2009

And so it continues ...

My dad (who is still recovering from major surgery and could use prayer for ease of pain so he can sleep and he needs his appetite back) sent me an e-mail yesterday. He loves to send forwards. Well, this one said something about a computer crashing or something crashed the computer, and here it's a picture of a little kitten sleeping on its back on the keyboard of the computer. I wanted to just pick it up and snuggle and love on it!

I used to never consider getting a kitten because we have 2 cats and I just thought there was no way we could do another cat until my 2 are in heaven (prove to me our animals don't go to heaven then I'll stop saying that). hee hee ...

Well, Dan's sister Susan and her hubby came to visit and brought their new kitten. Me oh my. He was cute. Dan even caught him and snuggled him for a while (another reason I love my husband so much. he just couldn't resist.)

So, that showed me it would not be impossible to get a kitten at this point. The kids loved the kitten too. His name is Bauer. Elijah was a little confused though because Susan is pregnant. He knows she is having a baby and was calling the kitten the baby kitten. He also asked Susan at one point if she still had a baby in her belly, etc. This is all new to him. His webkinz skunk (Potty) is now a baby skunk though.

Anyway, so all it took was this picture in a fwd to get me thinking of all those little kittens in shelters just needing a good home ... until last night.

I laid down to go to sleep. Everyone else was sleeping and then I hear Madelyn coughing (shudder) and coughing (another shudder). I go up and she needs the nebulizer. It turns into this whole ordeal because the neb decides to stop plugging into the contraption properly so I almost have a panic attach realizing I may not be able to give her the treatment if we can't get this straightened out. Well, I do and she does it, and we are both wide awake now at 12:30 a.m.

I stayed up with Madely in her room (which she LOVES) in case she had another fit.

A while later we drift off to sleep and Samson comes strolling in. He has always been my ornery cat, but he NEVER bothers me at night when I am in my own bed. He only bothers me when I sleep upstairs with the kids. On normal nights he snuggles with one of the kids after they go to sleep. Last night, a whole different story.

He comes in, jumps on the bed, meows and starts biting at my hair! Why?? Why are cats so weird at times?? I push him off the bed. He meows, jump back up and does it again. Argh!!!

I put him in the hallway and shut the door. That usually does it thankfully. Well, then Elijah wakes up a little after six, opens the door, wants to join me, Madelyn, and Daisy in bed, but I tell him to go sleep with Papa who has a queen size bed to himself! He does, but who sticks around? Samson. Again, meowing, biting at my hair, etc. I throw him out again.

As I lie there trying to go back to sleep I think to myself, "And, why would I want a kitten?"

So, for today I may be okay with not adopting a homeless animal, but may the Lord help me if one comes wandering up to my house or something. Or, like Kerry, she had a man approach her outside of PetSmart with a box of kittens. Get thee behind me Satan!!

So, I am realizing how much of an influence Dan has had on my animals because he doesn't tolerate any of the madness which is probably why Samson stays away from me at night when I am in bed with Dan. Daisy NEVER gets on our bed ... when Dan's around. That's why she sneaks onto the kids bed at night when she thinks of it and sacks out. I would be a stickler with them too if they weren't so darn cute and snuggly ... (sigh) ... again, my problem. Just keep the prayers coming ...

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Mrs. J said...

You are too funny! "Get behind me Satain!" would not have been able to resist that kitten at petsmart...nope, not at all! Me, I kind of want an older, really mean cat that would scare Jazz! That's what I want:)