Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Video

Don't worry. I am done posting pics and videos of me and Daisy in the field, for now anyway. It has been too blasted (to borrow a word from my hubby) cold lately! I know I wrote the post about feeling stronger after venturing out into the cold, but then we had a warm spell and since then I have been a total wuss.

Just being honest here.

Okay, so THIS video is a darling one of the children decorating the Christmas tree. Our tree was decorated in about ten minutes this year. The kids were so excited and notice how close the ornaments are hung together where Elijah is trying to put ANOTHER one on the tree. I love it. The tree was a little funny looking at the end, but I couldn't dare change it because it was the handiwork of my little darlings. One day I will have my beautifully coordinated tree and I will miss the days when the tree was decorated within minutes with a ton of mismatched nonbreakable ornaments.

Okay, so on to the video ... oh, but one more thing, that may or may not be me singing in the background. I will never tell.


Susan (Tubbs) Canady said...

Oh my gosh, Kate...the singing is my favorite. ;)

kate said...

Not that I am admitting to anything, but I really never know if Dan is video taping or taking pictures.

And, when Madelyn watched this yesterday she was cracking up at the singing :)

Mrs. J said...

Awww...quite the singer aren't you? LOVE IT! (imagine me singing when I typed that!)