Saturday, February 28, 2009

Poor Little Boy

Elijah is going to the ENT on Monday. He has had at least 3 sinus infections this winter. So, at the last visit to the doc she said that we would do a two week round of antibiotic and if he doesn't fully recover or if he gets one again we will just go see the ENT.

Well, guess what! Yes, he got sick last week, the day before he was to stop his meds. So, I kept giving it to him hoping to get through the week until his appt. My plan didn't work.

The doc had also said that his ears had a lot of wax in them, normal for ears fighting off infections. They start to overproduce wax. So, she recommended drops for him.

It's easiest to put them in his ears while he is sleeping because he doesn't move, and that's just what I did last night. Well, MUCH to my dismay he wakes up and is screaming and crying because his right ear is hurting him. It was awful. There is nothing you can do. The drops are in there, and they are basically peroxide drops so they are going to burn if you have something going on.

He cried and cried, and then cried some more while saying his ear was hurting. It was so sad.

It turns out his ear is infected. The poor little guy. The doc this morning said his throat is red, his ear is infected, of course his nose has been stuffy, and he has bronchitis. So, he needs yet another antibiotic, nebulizer treatments, etc.

The thing is he has been acting fine. I mean I knew he wasn't feeling well, especially at the beginning of the week, but not much gets this kid down. He is generally quite happy.

I am so glad we are going to the ENT Monday. I am thinking he will need his adenoids out, but I'll see what the doc says. Elijah's issues have mainly been in his nose whereas Madelyn's issues are now usually in her chest.

Oy. I don't know that this will ever end. The doc said today that with allergies and asthma we should basically move out west or to FL. Great.

When I told Dan that I could hear the wheels turning in his head. After the weeks we have had lately I have to admit it is tempting, but I have been telling Dan for a while that I like where we are and I don't want to leave any time soon. Of course, if our children don't ever stop coughing or getting infections in their chests and ears and noses, etc. I will be the first one packing up for their sakes.

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