Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Madelyn is on a field trip today, and I hate knowing that she is not just up the road. I am trying to not worry, and I already worked through the "If I can't go, she can't go" phase of all of this.

I just am not separated from my kids very often, and that's pretty much by choice. I hate leaving them. I'm not a stay at home mom for nothing. I definitely have control issues ... but enough about me.

With Madelyn being sick lately she hasn't been allowed outside. So, this morning as she was getting ready to go she asked me this question:

"Mommy, am I allowed to walk outside to get to the bus or whatever transportation we are taking today?"

Of course she is, sweet thing, and I told her so.

Then she says, "Okay, I will tell Mrs. Paquette that I am allowed."

It kills me. You never know how they are processing things.

So, came home and Elijah is eating breakfast. He then says:

"Mommy, you say I am silly, and Madelyn says I am crazy."

"We just think you are fun. That's what it comes down to," I reply.

"Yeah, and I am cute. I am a cute little boy." He does not lack in confidence.

I just kind of looked at him and nodded in agreement and I thought to myself, "I really need to stop telling him how cute he is."

As I nod at him he says, "You know that's right."

Ha! It cracked me up.

Okay, and one last thing. My dad had surgery a few weeks ago. He is still recovering so Dan called him yesterday to find out how he was doing. So, last night Dan was telling me about his conversation with my dad. Next thing I know Madelyn is asking me for a card. Why? She's going to make one for my dad. So sweet!

She drew a picture in the card and then wrote, "I will be praying for you. Love, Madelyn." She also made him a book. She likes to make books. She drew a picture of our family with my dad in it too, and some other fun pictures to complete the book. She also made him a valentine by writing I love you on paper in the shape of a heart.

She is so thoughtful and sweet. It kills me. I hope he likes the card.

Okay, now I am just fighting the urge to drive up to the science center where they are having the field trip today, just so I can spy on them. But, I won't. I promise. I need to do my Bible study work and then do Power90, my insane workout system I am doing. It's absolutely insane. I don't know how to start out slow and I do myself in. I am going to try to change that today and take it a little easier. We'll see how it goes.

I think doing Power90 is why I was in a bikini in my dream the other night. The company that does it is called Beachbody. Yeah, we'll see.

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