Friday, February 13, 2009


She is finally back to school, but not without a cough and not without a worried mama at home.

I do praise God the amount of time we have had since we have had to deal with this type of coughing. Does that make sense? As I wrote that sentence it seemed to go on and on, but awkwardly. Basically, it's been a while since she has been this sick.

On the flip side though, just hearing her cough (any cough) makes me shudder inside. It just brings back the memories of sleepless nights holding my baby girl who was just hacking and hacking in her sleep while I was just helpless. Awful.

So, while she is a bit better, she's not completely better. It seems the meds have just kept the coughing at bay, but she is done her antibiotic now and the breathing treatments only seem to be doing so much. I actually had to give her the nebulizer in the night last night which was a first this week, not a good sign.

But, if you had seen her this morning, she was happy as a lark. They are having a V-day party at school today. She can't wait. It's not until 2 though. I told her the doc might want to see her again today and she about cried. She does not want to miss that party. I was on hold for 10 minutes though and finally just left a message for them to call me. So, I went ahead and sent her to school armed with her nebulizer and inhaler. Dan is there to keep an eye on her. Her teacher and I e-mail each other quite regularly throughout the day too, the perks of being good friends with the teacher. It's all business of course so don't tell my hubby (her boss) that one of his teachers is e-mailing friends during the day. hee hee ...

So, we'll see where things go from here. It doesn't help that I just read a story about a missionary family in Ukraine whose son just died. They thought he just had the flu and couldn't stop coughing. They took him to a clinic Monday morning and he died in the evening. So sad. He was 16. Please pray for that family. They are coming home to America to grieve. Tragic.

We do regularly thank God for provisions of doctors and medicines. When I read stories from the 1800s when it wasn't unusual for children to die from common illnesses due to the lack of care I count my blessings. Wasn't it Calvin's wife who was almost frowned upon because she had so many children and none of them died? I'll have to check my facts on that, but I remember reading that about someone's wife.

We do have so much to be thankful for.

So, here I sit, waiting for the doc's office to call back. I need to run some errands, but I know as soon as I leave they will call so in the meantime I will keep rambling away on my blog.

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