Tuesday, February 3, 2009

14 Years Baby!!

Today marks the 14th year that Dan and I have been dating ... (pitter-pat, pitter-pat).

I love him. I do.

And, I love this day. It reminds me of what we were doing on that day. He may hate that I posted this, but oh well.

We had been hanging out for a few months, but were just friends, friends who went everywhere together and did everything together. But, officially, we were still just friends.

Well, this particular night, Feb. 3, 1995 Dan was walking me back to my dorm. We stopped in a parking lot for a snow ball fight. We are throwing snow at each other and laughing like crazy. Next thing he says, "Oh, you have some snow on your face!" and kissed me ... (sigh) I need a moment ... Okay, but then he runs off and continues to throw snow at me!

Next thing I know we are kissing again and then he says, "Will you date me?" ... Um, isn't the kiss supposed to come AFTER the question? As if I really cared at that point ... hee hee ...

And, that was the official start to where we are now. Holy Moly! In some ways it seems like forever ago. In others, it seems like just yesterday. Either way I wouldn't change a thing ...

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Susan (Tubbs) Canady said...

awwww! and thus started my journey on learning how to share my brother.... i'm thinkin it was worth it. =o)