Monday, February 9, 2009


MADELYN FOUND OUR CAMERA!!! Yippee!!!!!!! I was so happy I wanted to high five her, but was scrubbing the tub. I still did and managed to not get her too wet!

Where was it you ask? Underneath/between the couch cushion .............................

Yeah, I have no idea why or how it got there. Last I knew it was on the back counter where we stash things when we are in a hurry. Last Dan knew it was on our desk because he was going to upload the pictures to clear some space. I have my suspicions about a little boy who lives in our house. I'm thinking he or his sister may have gotten a hold of it, but in all actuality it was probably me. We'll never know right? So, let's just be happy it's been found! Now I can grace my blog with more pictures of us again!!!

Oh, I will say though that I blame Elijah only because we lost our 3rd phone for a very long time and it was finally found where you ask? In the chair cushion. That's right. You're probably wondering why I didn't just check there first. Well, I don't know, but I can tell you I will always check there first no matter what I am looking for.

Madelyn is sick, really sick. I kept her home on Friday to hang out with family we had visiting and she came down with a fever that afternoon. I didn't feel so guilty about keeping her home that day after that. Actually, she was bummed I kept her home because she wanted to paint in Enrichment class. Her teacher is going to let her make it up though so it's all good.

So, I thought it would be a virus that would just run its course and she would be back to school today. Wrong. While she had a few good hours yesterday, she had a terrible night of coughing, fever, etc. The doctor today said that it was probably a combination of a virus/bronchitus. Poor little girl. She just looked so sick today with her red eyes, yucky nose, and raspy voice.

Elijah has yet another sinus infection. I see an adenoid removal surgery in his future.

I am fighting the urge to cut off all my hair. It took me so long to grow it long and it is hard for me to keep it this way, even though I like it most days. I don't want short hair again until I lose 20 lbs. though. Uh-oh. I may have long hair forever now. Okay, I would settle for losing 15. Does that mean I need to cut out donuts? That's the problem with weight loss.

I am going through another one of those phases where I want to buy something or take in a homeless pet. These phases can be rough. I think it's cabin fever or something. I need warm weather. We got Daisy in March so I fear I still have another month or so of being in this phase. Pray for me. Or, better yet, pray for Dan because he's the one who has to deal with me asking if we can take in another animal. A turtle even! I dreamed I wanted to take in a turtle!! I seriously need help. Or a hobby maybe.

We just spent a few days with Susan (Dan's prego sister - due on April 3), her hubby Josh, and MIL Lois. Good times! I talked to Daisy (the baby) so she would know my voice. I hope she remembers me. I bought her a ton of clothes so if she doesn't remember my voice, hopefully she will know me as the aunt who bought her a bunch of clothes with daisies on them.

I think our country is in such a crazy time right now. Don't worry. I won't turn this blog into a political thing, but it is interesting to hear how people are reacting to all that's going on. End times anyone?

I think the end times are going to come when we least expect it. I think things will be going better than ever and Christ is going to come back. Wouldn't that be so great? I hope our country has this great revival and Christ comes back welcoming so many more into His kingdom.

Who really knows though? I am doing a Bible Study on Thessalonians and it's a great study so far.

These are my random thoughts for the day. Maybe I should read back through them so I know what I wrote ... nah.


Mrs. J said...

Haha. i loved this were all over the place...good title. Tidbits.

Yay! You found your camera. That is funny:) and exciting.

So, are you saying I should have waited until I lost the last 10lbs to cut all my hair off? HMMM???

Kim said...

Katie-Kate! Abby and Sean are sick too, and Abby's home! Want to come over?? Ha ha- I took them to the doctor today amidst much drama and got them mild antibiotics and cough medicine for our trouble. We'll see! Sean actually threw up Saturday at 1 am - so gross. That is a first for me as a mom. I guess Abby has a strong stomach or something. Watch, she'll be throwing up all night tonight. Glad you found your camera. How's the weight watchers coming? I'm telling you, you need to read "Love to Eat, Hate to Eat." Well, if you're like me you don't really *want* to b/c then you may have to dig a little deeper into this thing, but it is a really good book! Many blessings to you - I hope Madelyn can go back to school soon. Abby has to stay home tomorrow too (haven't broken that to her yet) b/c of the fever-free-for-24-hours policy. Alas for her... although she has been very sweet. :)

kate said...

I would love to come over! (sniffle) Of course Madelyn hasn't gotten out of bed all day :( Poor little girl. I don't know that I have ever seen her so sick for such and extended amount of time. I can't believe Sean throwing up has been your first experience since having kids! Crazy. I've had my fair share. The worst was probably kidney beans ... yuck. Thanks for the book tip. I stopped WW, but I won't go into all the boring details. I am waiting on a video series to come that you do for 90 days. My sister made me order it with her $$. It sounds interesting though. I'll let you know how that goes. I'm going to check the library for that book.
Hope your household feels better soon! Oh, and I don't know that you have ever called me Katie-Kate before :) I thought you were my aunt when I saw the post. She's the only one I know who calls me that. Too funny :)

Kim said...

Really? I guess I was just calling you that in my head all the time! LOL! :)