Friday, February 13, 2009


I have my boy (extrovert) and my girl (introvert). They love each other so much. It's amazing how two completely different children can come from the same gene pool.

Here is yet another example of how they are different.

If someone is on the phone and wants to talk to Madelyn, she needs to know why they want to talk to her, and basically be convinced it will be a good thing to spend those moments on the phone with that person. Once on the phone she will stand in one place, say what she needs to say and then she's done.

Elijah on the other hand is always up for a conversation over the phone. This is an example of a conversation that he had with my mom the other night while he wandered throughout the house as he talked ...

Hi. What's your name? ... I'm Elijah. I am at my house. I will be coming to see you tomorrow (not true). I have my sister back because she lives at school all the time (M's been home all week sick). My Mommy's nice. What are you doing today? We have 2 cats, Samson and Simon. So, um, that's Simon ... So we ... I don't know where Simon is. Samson is on the piano. I love my mom. I have a baby skunk because it's a Webkinz. Skunks smell. They always spray sometimes ...

Finally, I think my mom cut him off. So, I'm hearing his side of it and thinking, "Wow, he really has the gift of conversation. Good for him for thinking of all those things to talk about."

Well, it turns out my mom was trying to ask her quesions on the other end and he wouldn't even consider them. He was too busy meandering through the house speaking whatever came to his brain.

I should say though that Madelyn will definitely talk if she has something to say. For instance, when she lost her tooth, she couldn't wait to call Mom-mom and tell her.

But, one time they had a school project where they needed to call classmates and speak in spanish to them. Meanwhile, I didn't realize they had this project until her friend called and next thing I hear Madelyn speaking in spanish to her in the other room. So funny.

Well, after the 3rd friend called her to go through the same drill she was done. She wasn't interested in talking on the phone anymore that day. Hopefully she will stay this way through her teen years.

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