Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weeks Like This ...

Craziness. Sick kids, mainly Madelyn. Although Elijah did tell me yesterday that he has a fever in his nose.

My kids have always had asthma issues when they get colds. The cold lingers and they end up with an asthmatic cough that you just can't control.

So, that is where we are now. It's been a while with Madelyn since we've been here. She has an inhaler now that she takes as soon as starts coughing. But, it turns out this time she wasn't doing it when I told her to. Now I know I need to follow through with her and make sure she takes it because the less we go through times like this the better we all will be.

She was crying and crying last night because she just could not stop coughing. There was nothing more I could do for her. It was awful. We read for a while and then she watched a video so she calmed down and slept through the night.

Well, here we are again. She is coughing like crazy this morning. I'm waiting to hear from the doc ... and waiting some more ...

Thankfully, Madelyn is distracted by the computer right now. That helps the coughing a little bit. There are a few breaks here and there. Overall though, it's just maddening. That's why I am typing this, to distract myself a bit.

Madelyn has no idea that we went through this ALL the time when she was a baby. Oh, the sleepless nights. We didn't realize she had allergies, etc. and the docs were not very helpful in figuring that out either. They mostly told us to ride it out. She was my first baby. I had no idea. Neither Dan nor I suffer from allergies. So, I couldn't understand why she was just coughing and coughing all night long in her sleep even!


But, hopefully today we will get some relief one way or another ... still waiting for that call ...

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Kim said...

How's the little girl today?