Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Time Has Come

I need a new dresser.

There is just no way around it now.

It's gotten to the point that one drawer is unusable. Another stays partly open at all times and since that one is open it's hard to get the one under it to close.

I always have to have some clothes on top of my dresser now because they just don't all fit in the drawers that are working. That's quite annoying, not to mention my wardrobe is not large at all these days.

Ideally I would like to just replace the whole set. I don't know that I could sleep in a room that doesn't match. I have issues in that way. I like things to be coordinated, matching, facing the right direction, etc. I would think most people are this way. Am I right?

So, my plan is to get rid of my dresser at our Spring cleanup day where the city comes and takes away whatever junk you set outside your house. Then maybe I can talk Dan into giving me some of his drawers and putting more of his clothes in the closet where he basically owns the whole closet anyway. I was not kidding when I said my wardrobe is VERY limited.

All this to say, if anyone knows of places to get inexpensive furniture, or knows anyone getting rid of decent bedroom furniture, let me know. I am not one to turn away hand me downs, or yard sale finds.

I do enjoy the hunt of finding great bargains when we need something. I can't tell you how long I would browse housewares sections at stores when I knew we would be needing new dishes. So, how thrilled was I when I found our lovely green dishes, a set of 8 that came with matching mugs, bowls, small plates, silverware, glasses, and big plates for a grand total of $38 dollars!! Woo Hoo!!! I thought I might find out they were plastic, but they aren't. They are a rounded square plate too and they are solid. The silverware was a nice compliment to the ones we already had because we were starting to run out of silverware when we had guests come over. I love me a bargain, and I love my green plates.

It doesn't take much to make me happy. So, it may take a year, but I am bound and determined to find a good deal on a dresser set. Wish me luck!

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