Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blue Pants

Yesterday we had snow so I picked out a pair of athletic pants for Elijah to wear. They were perfect for the day because they are water proof and lined so he will be dry and warm when we ventured out for his ENT appt.

I told him to put them on and what happened next I have no idea. This is usually the case with our boy. We tell him to do something and it really goes in one ear and out the other.

I hear him and Madelyn playing upstairs. When they come down he has no pants on. He doesn't know where they are either. So, I send him on a mission to find his blue pants.

Next time I see him he has blue pants on, but they are sweat pants that are too small for him so I send him off again to find the blue pants with the stripe.

Next time I see him he has a pair of blue khakis on. You've gotta give him credit for finding blue pants.

Finally I go to find the pants I had given him and there they are on the floor in Madelyn's room with the shirt I had given him to wear too.

The other day when I sent him to his room to find pants to wear he came back with a sweatshirt. He was so proud. I congratulated him on finding the sweatshirt, but he agreed that he needed something to cover his legs if we were to go outside.

I'm just glad he can now get underwear on with no assistance :)

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Mrs. J said...

this is so funny. I just cracked up laughing! LOVE IT!!!!! Elijah is just going to love reading this when he gets older!