Thursday, March 26, 2009

Enjoying Cooking ... Me?

I have been cooking and trying new recipes a lot lately and it's been surprisingly fun. I don't normally like cooking, but Pioneer Woman has some great easy recipes that have been yummy and fun (www.the

I've also been cutting out carbs lately. I realized I was obsessing over food WAY more than I should be and I had the extra poundage to prove it. I really feel good now that I cut out a lot of the processed foods and carbs. It's amazing. I have never had any desire to cut carbs before, but this was almost a feeling like I had to for my health's sake. It's been an interesting convicting week concerning food.

I feel like I am living off of farm foods now which seems to me would be a lot healthier. Many veggies and meats and some fruit. Good stuff. I'm not following any specific diet plan, but I have read up on some just to get the idea behind it.

Since I cut carbs I have been exercising a lot more consistently too. I am doing Power 90 and have been consistent with it the last 3 days and haven't even felt like skipping a day. It feels good.

I will admit though that last night and this morning I wanted carbs something feirce, but I didn't give in. I just made my eggs, etc. and have been fine since. And, I know I have taco salad waiting for me for lunch. YUM! So, it's all good.

Although, like I told my friend yesterday, check in with me next week and see how I am doing.

I should say though that I don't plan on doing this forever. I just knew I needed to change my eating habits and this seemed a good way to start. Slowly I have been adjusting our diet in general so little by little I will allow myself some yummies along the way, but still keeping carbs to a minimum.


Kim said...

That's so great! Sometimes little changes (like skipping processed foods) make a huge difference and are not *too* much of a sacrifice. Dropping carbs is hard though. Also, dairy. I was think I might have an allergy (which would explain my nose being constantly clogged) and comparing how much dairy I eat versus the sinus infections, I'm having a hard time choosing!!! Think about it: butter (not too hard), yogurt (harder), milk/half-n-half (much harder), cheese (impossible!). That doesn't even get into ice cream. My word verification word this time is "wharc." Can't you just hear somebody screaming that?

kate said...

Kim, that makes perfect sense about the dairy. I could never let Madelyn drink milk when she had a cold because dairy causes so much mucus to form. She would just cough that much more.

I wanted carbs something fierce today so I alllowed myself to have some lime tostitos with my taco salad. Now I feel satisfied, and I don't think I overdid it.

Dairy is tough. That's my life trying to feed Elijah. Add to that his pickiness. Ugh. Today I gave him some homemade strawberry jelly instead of the usual and even though it's delicious he couldn't get past it. Oh well.

Even if you just cut back a bit on the dairy it should make a difference.

Good to hear from you :) I just prayed for your talk coming up :)

oh, and so funny about "warc" ...