Friday, March 13, 2009

I Knew It!

Okay, maybe not, but I did talk to God about it.

Dan mentioned recently that if there is something that you need or want then you should talk to God about finding it for free somewhere instead of wracking up a bunch of debt, etc. Dan is going to a financial seminar thing that a guy he knows is doing and this is what the guy said one night.

So, when I knew I needed a new dresser I talked to God about this. I knew we wouldn't ever go to a furniture store to buy a bedroom suit, but even a few hundred dollars for furniture right now is a stretch. I knew I would be able to find a bargain I would just have to wait for it.

Well, it's here. We are getting one for free. We go look at it tonight. It belongs to Dan's grandparents. His mom is in town now cleaning out their house and she asked if there was anything we needed. I asked here what there was and she started listing things off, and mentioned the bedroom suit.

Um, hello!

She did make a point to say it is 35 years old because they bought it after they got married. But, it's in great condition. It's real wood, etc. I told her I wasn't picky. I just wanted something that was real wood, still in nice condition, and for a good price. Um, free is a good price.

We go look at it tonight and then we will just need to find a truck to get it all here. Yay! I actually love the fact that it is so old and belonged to his grandparents. They are wonderful godly people. His grandfather is in glory now and Elva his grandmother is in a nursing home now. So sad.

Alton and Elva. Lois' mom died when she was 46. Lois was only 19. Her mom had been sick with kidney issues and she told Alton that if he were to get married again he should marry Elva. Elva was 50 when she married Alton, her first marriage. I still stand by my statement that they are the cutest old couple I have ever known. They were so happy together and just did everything together. The biggest thing though is that they would pray for everyone in the family every day. They alternated days for her family and Alton's family. I know that I have experienced the effect of those prayers, even when Dan and I were first dating. I have always been so thankful for those prayers. Wonderful wonderful people those two. Alton was talking to the hospice nurses about the Lord up to the very end. They just love the Lord so much.

Such a legacy.


Happiness feature time:

Free stuff :)
Productive days
Good dogs
Drawers full of clean laundry


Susan (Tubbs) Canady said...

Ok, so now my eyes are teary at work...thanks! =) On a different note, maybe I should tell Josh to start talking to God about fulfilling his dream of owning a Wii. =)

kate said...

aw, I am sorry. It really is a bitter-sweet kind of deal.
That is funny about the Wii. Dan and I have talked about that too. It is tempting. You never know what God will do ;)