Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So, this is what I dream the other night ...

The mother of a guy Dan and I barely knew in college was winning an award for most creative piece of architecture. The piece? An underwater McDonalds ... in a mall.

That's right. You would walk by the water and only see the roof of the McD's sticking out. You had to go to the lower level to get into it. Pretty clever huh? (Don't steal my dreamy idea!)

Yeah, but it was all in my dream. I am friends with the guy on FB and I guess from seeing his status update I ended up dreaming about all of this.

After the awards ceremony we went out to eat with him at Bucca de Bepo and never got waited on. It was very frustrating and we eventually left. We complained and everything. Argh.

Of course, the logical question that Dan asked when I told him my dream was "Why didn't we just eat at the McDonalds?" That's a very good question. I only have so much control in my dreams though. What's a girl to do?

Oy. My dreams only went from there.

I was going to spare you the details of the dream I had after that, but decided against that because I thought (in my dream) that I was funny in my dream.

I was on an investigative reporting team that was going to check out what was supposed to be a filthy house. Well, besides some dog doo in the yard it really wasn't that bad.

We go in and there were just a bunch of guys sleeping in there. The place was huge and there was a guy sleeping on the sofa and other random places in the house. It seemed like a drug house (which it was), but it wasn't full of filth like I expected. The carpet felt icky. How do I know? Oh, I was just wearing socks ... again, I only have so much control in my dreams.

It turned out I knew the guy sleeping on the couch. He woke up. We said our hellos and then he asked what was going on. I said we were there to check out the house because it was thought to be filthy ... and here comes my funny line ... ready? ... I told him if he wanted more details he would "have to watch Dateline on Friday to find out the rest" ... ha! I thought I was so clever.

Sometimes my dreams drive me crazy, but other times they provide some good amusement for myself. I'm kind of glad I dream.

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