Friday, March 27, 2009

Elijah's Quotes

Today Dan was leaving for work and he is out the door, but Elijah yells, "Wait! I forgot to give you a hug!"

It's not as though Dan didn't say good-bye to Elijah. Elijah just wants that last moment together, just one more hug. So, Dan comes back in. They hug and then as Dan is walking out to the car Elijah yells, "Thank you for coming today!"

Yesterday we were going to pick up Madelyn from school and we have to drive past a couple farms, one being a dairy farm. So, it was a bit stinky yesterday.

Elijah says, "Sometimes I smell a smell so stinky it smells like old hamburger." I said, "Oh, are you smelling that now?" "No."

He is very in tune to his environment where Madelyn isn't so much, at least she doesn't verbalize it like Elijah does.

When I exercise Elijah is right there with me. His comments are pretty funny, but he can also be very encouraging. When I finish the workout he says, "Yay Mommy! You did it!" or "You won!"

One part of the workout involves kicking and the other day he was running circles around me while dodging my kicks. He was having a great time, and to be honest I think it's good for him. The more energy he burns off the better. The kid is oozing with energy.

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