Thursday, March 26, 2009

It Figures ...

I type a post about healthy eating and how good it feels and what happens ... just hours later I am giving in and making rice crispy treats.

The good news ... I didn't binge on them (not that I would do that - yeah right). I still exercised (and I really wanted to resume my position in my bed under the covers reading). And, so far I am sticking to my refusal to have an "all or nothing" mentality. That would normally kill me every time. If I didn't do the program exactly, I would just give up. Well, that's just ridiculous.

Let me explain. Power 90 is a 90 day program, 6 days on 1 day off. Well, I have yet to do it 6 days in a row. Although right now I am on day 4 in a row. But, I am going from no exercise to Power 90. That's a big adjustment, and I just need to do something. So, just the fact that I am getting up off my rear and moving my body is a good thing whether it is every day, every other day or every other week. It's just good to move your body.

So, that's what is going through my mind these days. I give myself these little pep talks. So, so what I had a few rice crispy treats. I didn't buy chocolate cookies and munch away on them like I daydreamed about earlier in the day. Always look on the bright side :)

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