Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happiness and Lent

I have to admit that the things I gave up for Lent really make me happy ... chocolate candy, pastries, and donuts.

Now, I know they are not good for you. That alone is a good reason to give these things up. I have also been trying to exercise lately, and I emphasize "trying." I gave them up because people kept talking about Lent. I think it's good to fast or give something up for the Lord at times so I jumped on board.

I don't know the meaning of Lent. I don't know why it's called Lent. I need to google it and get some info on it, but I just look at it as a form of fasting.

But, boy oh boy do I miss those things.

The donuts is probably the hardest because well, I love them. YUM! There were some at church this morning, along with pastries, but I resisted. It felt good. I felt strong.

But, these days, when the female hormones have me all out of whack I want me some comfort food. It's terrible. I'm sleepy, unmotivated, and just feel hungry constantly.

The thing is I honestly think I can go without donuts and pastries for a while. They really are an indulgence. Chocolate is a whole other story. Thankfully, I only gave up chocolate candies, namely because the hershey's chocolate that is on major clearance from V-day. Therefore, I can still have chocolate cookies. Hence the reason Madelyn no longer has lunch snacks.


Well, here's to comfort food and keepin' on keepin' on ... I hate these days of the month (sorry to any man reading this blog - namely Dan ;) ...

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