Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Dan came home to exercise over his lunch break. Elijah makes for quite an audience.

He keeps asking him why he's exercising, why he's thirsty, and saying things like, "that's hard isn't it?"

Then he was doing jumping jacks with him.

When I workout he does the same thing with me. One day he was running circles around me while I was doing kicks and dodging my kicks. It was pretty funny.

I also have the added blessing of Daisy dog getting in my face as well. It's weird how as soon as I decide to workout Daisy dog gets all excited and in my face. She'll roll on the floor around me, tail wagging like crazy. I mean there are times I can't even do the pushups or other floor exercises because she is in my way! Dan got to witness this one day and thought it was so funny. Our timid dog gets a little crazy during exercise time.

Now Elijah is getting in Dan's way. I think he just got kicked. Dan asked if he was okay and Elijah told him to kick the other way. Too funny.

Now Elijah is telling him he just kicked the couch. You see, one of Dan's problems with exercising is he is extra extra big. So, during arm exercises he can't reach all of the way up because he hits the ceiling. The ceiling in the basement is pretty low. In the living room he's fine. So, now apparently we have the problem of his legs being too long and he is now kicking furniture.

That's the excitement around here right now. Later it gets even more exciting with a trip to the library and to Bed, Bath & Beyond to return Dan's b-day present. Be sure to stay tuned!

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