Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Need Spring

I know everyone says they can't wait for Spring, but I NEED Spring.

When I start to have fantasies about running off to a warmer climate or another country even, I know that something (like the coming of Spring) needs to happen soon. I need the warm weather to take away these icky germs that are plaguing us and our friends. This winter has been TERRIBLE in that way.

It's sad too because generally the winters have been kinder to us. My kids used to always get sick all the time, but we've learned to manage their symptoms to where they don't get too bad. Well, so much for that this winter. It's been nuts!

If I was the only one going through this, I would really worry that it was something about my house, or our environment, but SO MANY of our friends and Madelyn's classmates have been going through the same thing.

So, Spring, if you can hear me, get your toosh over here right now and clear away these germs! I promise I won't complain if you bring a lot of rain with you. Just please, please come and blow away all the germs.

Thank you in advance.


Kim said...

Ummm, but doesn't Spring bring allergies?

kate said...

No, my kids actually do better in the Spring and summer. It's the fall and winter when they struggle :( I don't know why, and docs don't always know either. But, I can go all summer without giving them their singulair and they are fine. It's crazy.

Kim said...

We're looking forward to Spring too. Today feels like it's arrived! I feel like we were sick more frequently last year, but more severely this year. Does that make sense?

kate said...

That totally makes sense, and I would agree with that. Madelyn has gotten her awful coughs before since we have lived here, but I have never had to take her to the ER for it :(

Others I know have been the same way. It's these awful hard core viruses going around. It's been a little crazy.

Jess and I have been making plans to run away to the FL Keyes :P