Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fun Weekend

Last weekend my mom had a big Birthday. So, of course a celebration was in order.

She and Nick came up Friday. We played Scrabble. Two games. I lost both. Nick and my Mom both won one. The one Nick won wasn't even close. He used ALL of his letters for a word ... twice! Ugh.

Good times though. Dan was watching March Madness, the one time of year that he watches a ton of games so he was excused from Scrabble.

Saturday I had secretly planned for my mom's family to come and surprise her. I told Mom I was taking her out to lunch, but she didn't know there were going to be 12 of us.

Okay, surprises are stressful.

I didn't tell Madelyn because I didn't want to put her through the torture I was going through, even though I knew she would be SO excited. I didn't tell Nick because he can't keep a secret to save his life. I know this is just a saying, but it's really true with Nick.

I see my Aunt's car pull up, but I knew it would take them a few minutes to get everyone to the door. I tell Madelyn I will help her with her outfit and then she says for all to hear ...

"Is anybody else coming today?"

Ummm ...

Dan and I don't lie to each other, never have, even when it comes to surprises. Dan is far more gifted in this ability. I can't "fudge" things to save my life (I'm like Nick). We don't lie to our children either. So, here is where I confess something ...

I lied. I told Madelyn that no one else was coming and "why would you think someone else is coming?" (nervous laugh) ...

Then I pull her aside and whisper, "Yes, other people are coming, but it's a surprise and Mom-mom doesn't know."

She replies, for all to hear, and very matter of factly, "Mommy I won't tell Mom-mom!"

Quick poor cover of more nervous laughter and then my family walks in ...

I am not kidding when I say I had a stres blister on my lip from all of this secrecy. Secrets wear me out! I don't think I will try to pull anymore surprises for a long time. It was fun though.

We had a lovely lunch. Elijah was in full entertainment mode asking EVERYONE what they were having. It was very cute.

We came back for cake and ice cream and coffee ... YUM! (especially since I just gave up carbs for a bit). I won't mention that I over cooked the cake and one of the tea bags broke while brewing ... oh wait, I think I just mentioned that.

This is why I don't bake much. I will admit that I am enjoying cooking more though so I will stick with that since I HAVE to do that for my family.

All in all a good weekend. I think my mom had a Happy Birthday. Mission Accomplished, and then I crashed that night.

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