Sunday, March 1, 2009

Some Tidbits

Mucinex works. That is when you are able to get it in your system. This is not an easy task with Elijah. Have you seen the commercials for cough meds where the boy runs and hides under the bed. That is Elijah. Today I bribed him with swedish fish and it still took me tracking him down, holding his one arm so he couldn't walk away and teeny bit by teeny bit getting it in his system. If I don't do it teeny bit at a time, he throws up, just like he did yesterday. But, today his cough is so much more productive rather than just a junky cough that doesn't go anywhere.

Speaking of swedish fish, I have no self-control when it comes to sweets. I gave up chocolate, donuts, and danishes (specifically Entemann's cheese danish) for lent so it seems I've turned to swedish fish. Ugh. I just can't bring anything of that nature into the house or it calls to me until it's gone. This is why I don't bake often. Well, that and the fact that I don't really enjoy baking.

I need a haircut. I'm getting one on Saturday. Can't wait. I may color my hair again afterwards, but we'll see. A cut just might be all I need.

Can you freeze cheese? I bought some terribly expensive cheese recently, used it for a recipe that was de-lish, and now I don't want it to go to waste. I've been using it as much as I can, but it's a gourmet kind of cheese and there is only so much you can use at a time. Meanwhile, we are still in love with romano cheese. If you haven't substituted that for yucky parmesan in the plastic container, do so as soon as possible. You won't regret it. Although, Madelyn does still love the powdery parmesan. I just never have.

It is beautiful out today, yet we are supposed to get a bunch of snow tonight and tomorrow. Crazy.

I love Power90 and am so glad my sister made me get it. Although, I did skip yesterday. Oopsie. It was an unusual day though with having to take Elijah to the doc and then me taking a 3 hour nap (that NEVER happens) that started at 2:30. I plan to do it today though.

I think that's it as far as tidbits go. I love my family. Now, time to get the laundry going.


Mrs. J said...

you're funny. this post sounds like converstation with me:) LOVE IT!

Kim said...

Sorry, cheese doesn't freeze. I've tried it. Make quiche!

kate said...

Yummy. I love quiche. I'll look into that.

It's funny Kim. I just got your comment after I just looked up that question online. There are some cheeses you can freeze, but they are the softer cheeses. The hard ones, like what I have do better to just leave them in the fridge. We are slowly using it up.

Okay, off to do bedtime with the kiddos! :)

Kim said...

Ooo - good to know. Let me know if you need a quiche recipe. America's Test Kitchen has a good one and I think it calls for gruyere, but any hard cheese would do.

kate said...

Gruyere is what I have! Yum. I'll take the recipe. I think I am just going to make the french onion soup I used the cheese for in the first place, but I have a little collection of recipes that I can add the quiche to.