Monday, March 16, 2009

Roller Coaster Day

Didn't sleep well last night. Dan actually had to wake me from a bad dream. Apparently, I was whispering like the Others from Lost. ha ha ... that made me laugh, but in my dream I was yelling. It was awful. I won't bore you with the details, but it was Heroes related for anyone who watches that show. People were coming after Claire. I don't know. It was crazy.

Then Elijah woke me up around 2 because he wet the bed and needed help with that. Then again came down because he needed a drink.

Got Madelyn to school, wanted to crawl back in bed, but didn't. I ate and had coffee, and was waking up a bit. I felt good. I did my Power 90, some things around the house. Then I realized the day was disappearing rather quickly. I was making a grocery list when Dan's mom got here. She was on her way home. It was a nice little surprise and a very short visit.

Later I went to pick up Madelyn. I had food packed for a friend who is pregnant, but it turns out I missed her. She picked her daughter up early. Bummer.

Then I had to go into the school. Some days I like going in because it's fun to catch up with people. Today I didn't. I just am not feeling social today. I am enjoying just being home and feeling a bit like a hermit. But, I went in anyway because I need grocery cards that a portion of them are credited to our tuition.

Of course, on the way in I meet a mom of one of Madelyn's friends. First impressions. Ugh. Of course, I have flip flops on (in March) with my comfy pants that were only worn in public because I put my long sweater on. Yeah, not so cute. Oh, and no makeup. Ugh. Meanwhile, she's working mom so she is dressed nicely, makeup, and is skinny as a twig, and she's had twins. Ugh again.

We go in ... Elijah is nutso. For those of you who know him, you may remember how he likes to just run into things and fall over for no apparent reason. Well, he goes barreling towards the 2nd grade classroom door! These doors are like one big window with glass panes so the teacher could see him. Thankfully, he stopped right before he reached the door. I get Madelyn. She and Elijah go tearing down the hall together (no running in the halls right?)

I finally catch up to them when Elijah slams Dan's office door shut. These doors are so heavy. They are the solid wood doors with a big window in the top. It echoes. I am telling Elijah to not do what he is doing so he's looking back at me while he is walking and tumbles down the stairs, hits his head, and does a weird twist/flip. Oh my.

Now he is screaming. I still haven't gotten my grocery cards because Carol was busy when I first went in. Now I have a bunch of ladies peering over the stairs asking if he's okay, do we need ice, etc. Meanwhile, I am so frustrated with him for all of his running and disobedience. I probably seemed kind of harsh, but ugh!!!

Finally, I make it outside where Madelyn is playing with her friends and she tells me she doesn't want to go home. I just grab her back pack and walk to the car. Of course she comes soon after and gets in the car. She doesn't understand why I just want to go home (and crawl under the covers and pretend I am alone ... just kidding ... no I'm not).

We get home and I am trying to explain to Elijah why I was not happy with him and how he needs to obey and pay attention to what he is doing. All the while he is walking backwards away from me and trips over his toy truck on the floor! Another explanation and then he is sent to his room to play. He is not happy about this and when I find him he is in his bed crying. So pathetic. I knew he was tired because I had to wake him up at 8 so we could take Madelyn to school.

I laid down with him. We snuggled and chatted and then we both fell asleep. Madelyn did her homework, such a good girl. And, Elijah is still sleeping, not good. He's going to be awake for a while tonight.

Oh, and did I mention Elijah started coughing again?

So, for a day that had such potential it turned out to be an overall blah day. Here's to tomorrow being better.

And, if you made it this far into the post, you win an award. It's an invisible heart shaped thank you award. You will get it in the mail soon.


Mrs. J said...

ugh! What a day!!!! I feel like that today a little bit...I want to crawl back into bed & not get up for days!!!! I had 2 donuts today with a pepsi...and it didn't help at all:( But it does help to know my invisible heart will be in the mail soon since I read the entire post;) that does put a smile on my face!

The Topiary Lady said...

I read the whole thing!!! I know days like this. I was starting to have one today. I was feeling so overwhelmed at the thought of going away for a short trip to NY with the family. I have to bring all the food and cook, and pack everyone's clothes, skis, boots, everything! aggghhh. Then I prayed and God just gave me such peace and focus. Why do I forget to do this? Let's see how I wake up tomorrow?

Isn't it amazing how much our mood and reactions are affected by how well we sleep (or don't)?

It was so nice to see you Sunday. We won't be there Sunday, we'll be in NJ.
Take care!