Friday, March 6, 2009

Happiness Feature

In college I had a book that a woman wrote that just listed all the things that made her happy. I forget how many there were all together. I have since gotten rid of the book, but I think it was 1001 things. She just started writing things down that made her happy and eventually wrote a book that sold at least one copy. Mine!

I like being happy, as I think most people do. And, I think it's important to be reminded of things that make us happy. There are so many factors in this fallen world that can bring us down so let's take time and focus on happy things.

Hence, the happiness feature on my blog, and I would love for whoever reads this to add what makes them happy whenever they want to post something that makes them happy.

Today these are the things that make me happy ...

Getting checks in the mail.
The first signs of Spring (my daffodils are growing :)
Snuggling with my boy who seems to be getting bigger by the minute.
Accomplishing a major grocery trip and knowing I have food in the house to last a while.
Hearing my children happily playing together.

Ah, happiness ...

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