Monday, March 2, 2009

What a Day

We got a snow storm. 2 Hour delay - Yay!

Got a phone call. Dan. School is closed. Yay!

Made a phone call. Dan. Too much snow. Need a schauffer to the ENT for E. He's leaving at 10. Yay!

Got a phone call. Number? I don't know. Ignore.

Got another phone call. Same number. Answer. Dan. Accident. Boo, but he's okay. Yay!

Made a phone call. Changed ENT appt.

Waited for Dan. Waited some more. Finally home. Yay!

And, I see for myself he's okay. Yay!

Take Elijah to ENT appt. Roads are pretty clear. Could have driven myself. Poor Dan.

Elijah definitely has issues, but what? A month on antibiotic, Zantac, and ear drops as needed. Boo. Then hopefully we will know. Poor little guy.

Car needs some work. Boo.

$500 deductible. Yay!

But, on a 1997 Honda. Boo.

But, it has a fairly new transmission. Yay!

Oy. What a day.

UPDATE: In case anyone is worried that this might be an attempt at writing poetry, fear not. It was a simpler way of getting the info down and not rambling through all the details. That doesn't mean from time to time I won't try to rhyme ... hee hee hee.

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