Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I went for a bike ride yesterday and today.  It is slowly dawning on me the things I can do when i have no kids in tow.  Biking is one of them. 

Of course I can go with the kids, but Elijah isn't quite there yet with his ability to be able to keep up.  And Madelyn still needs to stay on sidewalks. 

So, when I am by myself I can go however fast, however far, etc.  Good stuff.

I used to bike a lot when I was younger.  I would go anywhere I could on my bike.  I would even go along the trail that ran along the creek until I could no longer make it on a bike.  It was fun.

I am noticing a few differences between biking then and biking now. 

One.  I wear a helmet.  I know, I know.  It's not super attractive, but neither are head injuries. 

Two.  My bum hurts.  Ouch.  I think this is just a matter of getting used to being on a seat like that, but we'll see.

Other things I noticed are ... 

Dogs seemed to get more excited when you ride by on a bike rather than just running or walking.  Yikes.

Squirrels in the road can be quite daunting.  They don't know which way they want to run and I don't want to run over one in a car, much less a bike. 

I am a wuss.  I slow way down when I am going around a turn that has gravel on it. 

I still want to take my bike over to a trail that runs along the river one of these days though.  I am thinking that will be a good place to go as a family.  We got rid of our trailblazer though.  Hopefully we can fit the bikes in our Santa Fe.

Either way, it added some calories to my daily intake on livestrong.com so now I can eat dinner tonight :oP

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