Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happiness with a Twist of Stupid

So, today I was not very smart.  It's okay though because I was happy, like really happy.  I found myself driving and thought, "Wow!  I feel really happy right now."  It kind of surprised me.  I think it has been a while since I just felt that kind of carefree happiness.

It was a good day.   Why?  Because I was with friends today.  I had my Bible Study ladies over for catch up time.  We haven't been together for weeks and weeks so we had a lot of catching up to do.  And, Michelle only has an hour and a half window before she has to head off to work so we are really limited with our time.

It was lovely.  I am SO ready to jump back into the Word.  I hate the murky feeling that develops after not enough time studying God. 

Okay, so after that I got lunch to take over to Cori's.  Cori used to live next door and now lives down the street.  People tend to do that around here.  They move out of our neighborhood into the brand new houses they are building right next to our development.

That was fun too.  Cori was such a nice neighbor.  Our girls are the same age and were really cute when they were 3 and would play together.  She is still a nice neighbor, just a farther away neighbor.  It was good to catch up.

So, I came home from that little visit feeling pretty good about today.  Then I went to let the dogs out and couldn't figure out why Molly wasn't coming.

This is the part where the stupid comes in.  Ready?

I had locked her and the 2 cats in my room for Bible Study time which is what I usually do.  But, also, what I usually do is let the animals out right after everyone leaves.  I didn't this time.  Instead I made a few phone calls, ordered lunch, wrote a thank you note, and left to have lunch.  By the time I got home from lunch it was ... 3 pm.

Yes.  That means they were in my room for ... (cringing) ... six hours. 

Keep in mind my one cat is sick.  And, let's just say that legos are really really really difficult to clean, what with all those little pieces and crevices.  Blech.

I won't give you all the gory details since I am currently trying to bleach them from my own mind, but it is hard to forget when many of the legos are still sitting on my bathroom sink waiting to be scrubbed/bleached/burned .... (trying not to gag).

So, that was my day. 

Overall I can't complain.  I have a coffee date with a friend tomorrow morning and a couple of others on tap for next week.  These things make me happy and a little more, dare I say, normal.

A little normalcy is all I've been asking for these last few weeks.  Thank you Lord!!


I re-read part of this post and realized it might seem a little strange that we had legos in our bedroom so let me explain.  Dan has his legos from when he was a kid.  He introduced them to the kids a few years back and has always kept them under our bed since then.  That was their "special" spot because the kids knew they could only play with them with permission.

Now that Elijah is obsessed with legos he has taken to playing with Dan's legos a lot more and has joined some of his own in the mix.  Yet, they still stay in our room.  Dan plans to give Elijah his set, but wants to wait for Christmas or another special occasion. 

Alas, they now became victim of ... oh yeah, I said I wouldn't mention details.

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