Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So, I am trying to be healthier, not drink so much coffee, tea, or any other yummy goodness that isn't water.

I love iced tea.  I love coffee.  But, this is my second day of trying to drink A LOT of water and it is true what they say.  Water fills you up, quenches your thirst, helps combat cravings.  It's true.  All of it.  I experienced it today.

I found myself wanting more coffee so I downed a bottle of water.  I no longer felt like I needed coffee. 

Of course, now it is almost 2 and I am getting the afternoon sleepies so I did just make coffee, but I also drank another bottle of water.  I keep refilling the same bottle in case you are worried about our environment as a result of my water consumption.

I am also trying to track my calories using livestrong.com and let me just say I have 36 calories left to consume for the day and I haven't even entered all of my calories yet. 

Um, I'd say that part isn't going so well.  It is surprising to me how many calories are in things.  I've really only eaten mini bagels, some crackers and some tuna on a roll.  This part is going to take a bit more effort.

In the meantime, drinking more and more water can't hurt.

Oh, and where is the sun?  Doesn't the sun know that I need him right now?  He needs to read my blog. 

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