Saturday, September 17, 2011

Leesport Days 2011

We got to hang out with our friends tonight.  Seeing our friends from out of town just never lasts long enough.  There are always things you wished you had mentioned, talked about, been able to do together, etc.  Sad.

Anyway, we went to Leesport Days which is super expensive, but still fun, especially if you go with friends.  The kids always want to ride the rides which is where all your money goes.  It wasn't until we were leaving that we saw all the fun stands with all the cheap games and prizes.  Oh well.  The kids still got some fun items.

So, we had one ride ticket left.  One.  Easy right?  Just find someone to give it to so they can add it to their stash since the tickets cost roughly $1 each. 

I offered it to a few people and NO TAKERS!  What?! 

So, I met back up with everyone.  We are headed home and I am telling that I could NOT find someone to take our extra ticket.  Then a family comes by with a little kid.  They are heading to the festivities and I thought, "Perfect!"  I offer them the ticket and she says, "Oh, no thanks.  I already have a ton."

Um.  I offered her one ticket.  If she already has a ton, why not just one more?  Chris was shocked.  He said he thought I was exaggerating when I said no one would take it.  He said it was like me offering a dollar to someone and them saying, "Oh, no thank you!  I already have $5 in my pocket." 

It really was kind of crazy.  I couldn't think of what more I could do to make a ticket more appealing.  I guess I could have just forced it on someone.

So, the Warrens left and we got the kids settled into bed knowing that the fireworks from Leesport Days would be starting up any minute.  Even though you know it's coming it still scares the daylights out of you.  I thought our roof crashed in on our house.  It is so loud.  Last year I thought someone shot a gun through my kitchen window, but mostly it just sounds like you neighborhood is being bombed.  It is VERY loud.

I run upstairs and the kids joined me in the bathroom so we could watch them out the window.  I have to say,  watching fireworks from your house with the windows closed, etc. is the best way to watch them.  They aren't too loud.  It's warm, etc. 

So, we are watching and we're chatting.  We got to talking about best friends and friends who you say are friends, but only because you kind of have to because mostly they are just mean and, well, you get the picture.  I told the kids that you can have more than one best friend and I was telling them about mine and Madelyn adds her list.  She said, "I have Alli at school and Isabelle in a foreign land ... " 

Oh my.  It was so cute.  I started laughing and she laughed and Elijah said, "What does 'foreign land' mean?"

I explained that it means from another country, and Madelyn starts cracking up realizing her mistake.  It was so cute and so funny because even though some friends are only 2 hours away it really can seem like they are in a foreign land.

Friends truly are blessings, but when they move away it is such a huge bummer.  We will be thankful for all the time we have with them though, even the times when you blow all your money on rides and cheap trinkets.

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