Thursday, September 29, 2011

Good Vet, Bad Vet

I took Simon to the vet today.  He is my sick kitty.  I cried my eyes out.  Now I am home again, with my kitty.  He's snuggled up on my lap now purring.

I am with a new vet who is a good vet.  Let me tell you why.

She heard me out on all my questions, concerns, blubbering, and more questions.  I decided to do a round of blood work just to see where Simon's levels are and if it will show what else might be going on with him.  She said she would call me tomorrow.

Tomorrow?  Yes.  I was amazed, and I believe her when she says that she will call tomorrow.

Let me tell you a little about our previous vet.  I had bloodwork done back in the Spring for Simon.  I had to call to find out the results.  The vet then told me she would call when the rest of the bloodwork came in.  I never heard from her.

Two months later I was back at that same vet for Daisy and saw a different doc.  She asked about Simon then realized they never called me back with what was a simple diagnosis with a simple treatment.  It was two months later.  I had figured that the news was bad and they didn't want to break it to me and that I was going to have to have him put down.  It was awful.

Basically, a good vet will call you when they say they will and hear you out with all your concerns and answer honestly.

Today at the new vet the ladies at the front desk were putting multiple calls in to the previous vet to get Simon's paperwork.  They faxed the form over weeks ago and still haven't received it.  I told them today to not hold their breath.  They would probably never see that paperwork even though someone earlier told them that they would have it by 2 today.

See?  Good vets will follow through.  Bad vets don't do anything.

Either way my poor kitty is struggling.  His quality of life is still pretty good though so I just can't stomach the thought of putting him down yet.  He was my little 8 week old kitten not too long ago.  Okay, it was 14 years ago, but still!  He was my kitty, and when he looked up at me at the vet's office today with a look that said, "can we get out of here please?"  I knew today was not the day.  I know the kids would be really sad too if they didn't get a chance to say goodbye. 

So, we wait for the blood work and will go from there.  It's all just horrible horrible horrible. 


Mrs. J said...

:( this made me cry! My heart is sad for you!

kate said...

thank you. it's like the long goodbye. i hate it :(