Friday, September 16, 2011

Picture Day

I love helping with picture day at the school.  The kids are so cute in their cute little outfits, hair all done up, and all the nervous energy that makes them do funny things before their pictures.

One little Kindergartner did NOT want to come into school today to have her picture taken.  Her mom even curled her hair all up.  I mean it was curly.  She is super cute and was fine by the time it was picture time though.

Another K4 student's mom helped with pictures and when her daughter came in for her picture she lost it.  She was crying for her mom and did NOT want her picture taken.  They eventually got a good shot though.

Then there were the boys who try to do goofy things, the girls who don't want help with their hair, but kind of need help with their hair.  There were some boys like that as well.  One kid was even helped by the photographer with his hair.  She took him to the sink to wet it for him.  He was a 9th grader I think. 

The moms and I agreed that having a female photographer makes a big difference since she notices things that men probably wouldn't.

Madelyn's turn came.  She wore a black and white dress she has and loves with a necklace that Cindy (from China) sent over for me.  It's a long necklace, but the photographer shortened it for her so it could be seen in the picture.  That was really nice.  But, she also put Madelyn's hair behind her ears which was not what I wanted, but I didn't want to get all "stage mom" on her so I let it go.  It's just that Madelyn has this cute bob cut and the way it just hung around her face was cute.

Oh, because Madelyn woke up with crazy hair this morning.  Most mornings her hair falls nicely on it's own, but today was picture day so there was no reason for that to happen today (note sarcasm).  So, I curled it.  It was super cute. 

A mom I know who now works at the school came in to have her picture taken and then asked if I was going to have mine taken.  "Um, no.  I don't work here" was pretty much my reply, but she still seemed to think we could find a reason to get my picture in the yearbook.  So, I suggested maybe a "headmistress" title, or "first lady" since Dan runs the place.  But, they didn't take my picture.

The older kids were funny because they were all camera shy.  No one wanted to go first.  A couple boys even did "Rock, Paper, Scissors" over it. 

Then there was the boy who didn't want to smile even though he was dressed so nice in a suit and tie because he wanted to look seriously presidential.  He wasn't sure what he was president of, but he still wanted to play the part.

Good times.  It's a fun day to volunteer at the school.  The only thing I can say about Elijah's day is 1) when I went to get first grade and he was in the nurse's room with a belly ache.  I think he was hungry.  I didn't think honey combs would hold him over for the morning.  2) He likes to button ALL the buttons on his polo shirts.  I unbuttoned the top one for his picture, but later in the day I noticed he had it buttoned again.  So, I guess I had more to say about his day than I thought.

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