Monday, September 12, 2011

I Try

I try to not be a complainer.  I really do, but I'm sorry.  I've had a long weekend ...

I went to bed last night around midnight only to be awakened by Daisy needing to go out.  Fine.  I know if she wakes me up she REALLY needs to go.  I let her out, lie down on the couch and wait.  And wait.  I look out and she is crossing the street on the OTHER side of the road!  Somehow her collar got loose and off she goes. 

Now, Daisy always comes home.  That's not what bothers me.  What bothers me is 1) it was around 1 a.m. and 2) she ALWAYS ends up rolling in some sort of stinkiness when she gets loose.  I was hopeful that maybe she wouldn't this time since it had just poured buckets of rain on us, but she did.  I was not going to give her a bath at 1 a.m. so I rubbed down the stinky area with a really soapy cloth and called it a night.  I figured if she was too stinky she was going to sleep in a bathroom.

Then I have Samson who has been acting weird for days now.  I have not been able to figure out his deal.  Yesterday I kept tripping over him.  When he wants something he gets under your feet, meows relentlessly, etc.  But, I kept making sure they had food, the kitty litter was fine, etc. 

I found that he peed on the bathroom rug yesterday so I was starting to think he was sick.  In the night he woke us up meowing and meowing in our faces.  I locked him out of the bedroom.  Then when I woke up this morning I found he had pooed on the rug in the living room.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Finally.  It occurred to me.  The cat is afraid to go in the basement.  We have fans running and our dehumidifier going and  he is completely freaked out.  I carried him down there to show him his food, etc.  He freaked out and ran back up the steps. 


Also, last night before bed when I opened the basement door to make sure the cats had food so Samson wouldn't be meowing I heard the basement window fall out and break.  Lovely.  And, when I got up in the night to lock Samson out I stepped in a wet spot on the carpet where Simon threw up.

I know what you are thinking right now.  You wish you were me right? 

I know I shouldn't have said this this morning with Elijah there, but I made the comment that I am ready to get rid of ALL of the animals.  Of course he got concerned and asked why for each one.  While I had a reasonable explanation for each one I assured him I was not going to get rid of the cats.  Now I can only imagine what his prayer request is going to be this morning in school.  His teacher told me that one day he prayed that Simon would not die.  Sweet boy.

Now Samson is sitting at the top of the basement stairs trying to muster up the courage to head down.  Oy.

I think I am done complaining now.  I told you I "try" to not complain, but I do feel better already just getting this off my chest.

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