Saturday, September 10, 2011


So, I was on the phone with Kerry when she says, "Wait a minute.  My house is shaking."  "What?"  "My house is shaking!!"  Then I heard one of her boys call for her and I could hear the rumbling.  We realize she is having an earthquake.  I started to feel kind of dizzy as I was trying to google some info on what might have happened.

Then Madelyn comes downstairs.  Kerry and I hang up so she can check on her people and I see on FB that people all over the east coast were talking about feeling an earthquake; my cousin in VA, Jess in Reading, people in NY.  It was nuts!

I then realize that I wasn't feeling dizzy.  I was feeling an earthquake too when I was talking to Kerry!

Madelyn walks back in the room and says, "Elijah didn't feel anything."  I said, "Did you?"  She said, "Yes.  That's why I came downstairs.  I heard things rattle on my wall and the floor shook."  She actually thought Dan had come home.

Meanwhile, Dan was at work and didn't feel a thing.  Elijah said he heard things rattle on the wall, but that isn't so unusual around here because that happens when the trains go by.

Either way, we are all now able to say that we survived the earthquake of 2011.  Amen.

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