Thursday, September 15, 2011

Late Night Ramblings

I know writing stuff late at night is risky, but I can't sleep.  Well, I was half asleep and dreaming, but then started nodding my head in agreement with the person in my dream with whom I was conversing and I woke myself up.  Whew.  That was quite a sentence.

Have you ever noticed though how profound some late night thoughts can seem until you think of them the next morning and realize how ridiculous you were for thinking those were good ideas?

Part of why I can't stay asleep is because I have this huge task looming in front of me.  I am going to attempt to clean up the walls in my basement.  We have very porous paneling down there and the walls have that powdery looking mildew on them about six inches up the wall. 

It has to go. 

It's so hard to know exactly what to do with stuff without knowing what insurance will cover, or say.  What I want to do is gut most of the basement and start over, but I tend to be extreme with these things and end up regretting it because tasks like that always end up bigger than what you think they will be. 

So, I am going to start with a mask and some bleach.  I am also going to mark the walls where the mildew came up to with a marker.  The huge bummer is our camera stopped working.  Otherwise I would take pictures of everything.  That's when I thought to mark it. 

The doors need to come off the laundry room and the back where our bilco doors are.  I am going to be a full on handy man tomorrow.  Feel free to come over and help me check me out.

I have a haircut appt at 11 too which I am debating canceling.  Usually when I get into a project I want to keep working on it with no interruptions.  When I am interrupted my ADD kicks in and next thing it's bed time and I am remembering what I originally started doing in the day.  So, we'll see on that. 

Simon is getting sickly looking again.  The meds were helping, but he is back to looking really thin and lethargic again.  It's sad.  I need to get him into the vet again, but it's hard to find the time and the money when your house and cars all require major repairs.

The other reason I couldn't get to sleep is because I think I was hungry.  So, here's to hoping that bowl of honey nut cheerios I just ate will hold me over so I can get to sleep. 


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