Monday, September 26, 2011

Our Night Away

It was so super nice to have a night away.  We went to the grand city of Reading and stayed at the Marriott next to Viva.  Yum.

We kept dinner simple by going to Panera, but not before deliberating over where to go and driving around Broadcasting Square 2 or 3 times because Dan took me seriously when I joked about going to IHOP.  ha ha!  Then we were going to go to the Peanut Bar.  Then we ended up at Panera.  We  were both too hungry to have any kind of wait at a restaurant and we wanted to have a yummy breakfast somewhere so we went to Panera.

And it was POURING down rain.  (just wanted to throw that in)

From Panera we went and rented a couple movies to watch at the hotel, got some ice cream at coldstone, then headed to the hotel.

Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.  What is it about landing in a hotel room, just the two of you and kicking back on a King Size bed that is just so darn relaxing?  Oh!  I know.  THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO DO!!  No dishes.  No vacuuming.  No animals to take care of or clean up after.  No meals to prepare.  Nothing.  The bed takes up most of the room so you may as well lie down rather than sit on the too firm couch.  Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.  Soooooooo niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.  And, it's a newer hotel so it's really modern and chic. 

We flicked on the tv and settled in.  When we decided to watch a movie Dan pulled out his laptop only to realize he forgot the cord.


That was the only way we were going to be able to watch the movies we rented!!  Since we were only about 15 minutes away from home I suggested going home to get it.  But, Dan was REALLY really tired so he thought we would have enough battery life to get through the movie so we went with it even though we only had batter power for an hour and 5 minutes.

So, when the battery died 3/4th of the way through guess what we did!?  We hopped into the car (we call it our limo now).  It was 11 pm.  By that time the rain had stopped and we made it a little adventure.  Plus, Dan also grabbed some pop tarts, granola bars and a couple apples while he was home.

The kids got a kick out of this the next day when my mom told them what we had to do.

Speaking of the next day, breakfast at Viva was super duper dee-lish.  Yum.  And, I convinced Dan that it was time to get him some new clothes and since we were directly across from the outlets he didn't have much of an argument to not.

I love shopping, even if it's not for me.  He had gotten some money from a writing gig so shopping is that much more fun when you don't have to feel badly about spending a little.  Yay!

Dan enjoyed it as well ... for about 30 minutes.

We then went to Barnes & Noble.  I bought the book A Thousand Gifts.  I read the first few pages in B&N and was crying.  I knew I had to buy that book.  I'll write more on this later though.

We topped off our alone time with burritos from Chipotle.  Yum and yum and yum.  I am addicted.  I truly believe I could eat a burrito a day.  They are so fresh and yummy.

Wow.  I've "yummed" over food a lot in this post.  

So, all in all, it was a super fun time.  We laughed a lot and cried a little.  Seriously.  Dan tickled me to the point I cried and while he was tickling me he was saying, "The kids aren't here to protect you!!"  Usually the kids come to my rescue.  It reminded me of when my sister would pin me down and tickle me to the point I cried. I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe enough to tell him to stop.  Oh my.  All this because I was giving him a hard time about exclaiming how much he loves king size beds and I thought he was going to say, "I love Kate!" as he fell onto the bed, but he didn't.    Two K words, see?

Oh, and then Dan and I cried at that darn car commercial with the little girl, the one I posted the other day.  So hard to imagine that at this point.  Whew.  

*For the record:  Dan didn't really "cry" per se, but he was really choked up.

Anyhoo, it was soon back to reality.  My mom said the kids were super sweet.  Madelyn told her after we left that she and Elijah do not like seeing both of us go and that it's not often that they have to.  My little girl who does not like change.  So sweet.

It's always nice to be back home, even if I do still get whiffs of mildew.  Blech.  More on that later ...

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