Sunday, September 25, 2011

Frozen Brain or Something

I don't know what the you call it, but Friday my brain was NOT working properly.

I thought I had started the dishwasher so later I started unloading it only to find that it was still dirty. 

I thought I hadn't done my makeup yet so I started putting on my powder foundation only to then see I had eyeliner and mascara on.  I most definitely had done my makeup already.

My mom came up because she stayed with the kids while Dan and I had a night away.  I made coffee for us only to realize I put 6 scoops of coffee in for 8 cups. 

Then I got into the car with Dan to leave and promptly told him "my wheel needed more tire."  What I was trying to say was "my tire needed more air."

We got to the hotel and when we were in the elevator I went to push the button for the 3rd floor, but instead of pushing the button I was pushing the spot that has the number 3 on it. 

What is wrong with me?  I think I needed that night away, especially since right before we left we found our sump pump pumping water right back into our basement. 

Oh dear Lord, please deliver us from so much rain.  Amen.

Saturday my brain seemed to be in better working order.  Shopping was involved though so I think there may be some connection there. 

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